Create your own multimedia publication or library with us

Publi is a Czech platform for creating, publishing, selling and reading multimedia books.

Multimedia eBooks or mBooks represent a revolutionary form of study and reading experience. We will help you to create, publish and distribute your own mBook. Or we can set up a mLibrary for your institution so that your students, colleagues or customers can benefit from the greatest readers' revolution since Guttenberg, too.

Studying in a modern way

mBooks push the study to a completely different level. Download our reader available for free, chose an mBook and you can start studying enriched by animations, interactive features, tests and other multimedia content.

Publishing in a modern way

Publish your first multimedia publication. You get a grateful audience, a reputation in the professional world and another source of income. We will help you to create your multimedia content as well as to publish your book in Publi.

Online web libraries

We cooperate with a number of institutions, companies and schools for which we design, set up and manage their mLibraries. They contain publications available to download, read online or buy.

Primary schools

Secondary and apprentice schools