studying in modern way

Multimedia mBooks for modern way of studying

Nothing against textbooks or classic eBooks. But it is possible to study in a more modern way. mBooks are a revolutionary learning tool that makes learning more visual, fun and more effective. Unlike classic e-books mBooks do not work with plain PDFs but with live multimedia content.

mBooks - a new way to study

Imagine that instead of a long text describing the individual parts of a muscle you will see an image that you can zoom in and colour the individual parts of it by a simple touch. Forget the times when you had to overwrite quotes from literature which was very time consuming and complicated. It is much easier to copy the text and insert it into your document in a standardized quote format. This and much more can be done online as well as offline on your computer and even on your tablet with iOS or Android system and free Publi applications.


mLibrary for everyone

Publi application offers over 200 publications in its public Publi mLibrary. Some of them are free of charge, others can be bought for a fee that is set by the book author. And 80 % of that fee goes directly to the author.

If you are studying at one of our partner universities or secondary and primary schools download the appropriate mLibrary and you can read mBooks which are designated only for students of your school.

And if you want to use mBooks but you do not have them within your field or your school find appropriate author and refer them to us. We will introduce the possibility of mBooks to them and help them with their own works. We will simply take care of everything.