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Create and publish multimedia books

It is not difficult at all to publish electronic book full of multimedia content. With the help of our experienced professionals you can easily become an author of an mBook which will make reading an extraordinary experience.

It is up to you whether you add your own multimedia materials or have them prepared from us. What and how much you will include into the book depends entirely on you. You will only be limited by the device memory size. Our designers of mBooks will help you with the specific look of your book. Together you will find a way how to get the most from your publication.

What does mBook and Publi Service offer?

  • Assistance in finding the ideal form of narrative
  • Creating multimedia according to your requirements
  • Distribution in the universal mLibrary
  • Simple update whenever needed
  • Feedback from users
  • Increase in quoting due to the automatic quoting feature
  • Copy protection on tablets
  • Complete copyright for you as a publication author
  • ISBN and other information is a matter of course

How to become mBooks author?

Just fill out a simple form. We will contact you within two working days and arrange a personal meeting. At that meeting we will discuss your ideas and technical options and we will assign you an assistant with the most experience with that particular topic. And after that you can start creating right away.

Throughout the work on mBook we will be fully at your disposal and offer an advise whenever needed. When your materials are ready simply send them to us and we will recreate them into the most up-to-date study materials according to your instructions.

How much does it cost?

The cost of publishing a book usually depends on its content and complexity. You can choose whether you want to be financially involved in the book publishing and cover approximately 80% of cost by your own funds or you will let the financial side of things entirely to us. In that case we will cover all costs in return for about 30% of the profit on sales. However, this percentage is no dogma at all - we will always adapt it to how demanding the production of the particular multimedia publication is. We will provide you with the exact price calculation after our first meeting.