What are mBooks?

Do you not need a large library or you want to save forests or you just like to keep up with the world? Join us on our route towards the book revolution and move from the classic eBooks another step further. We would like to introduce you the mBook which is a modern eBook with multimedia features.

What is mBook?

mBook is an eBook that does not work with plain PDF files but with live multimedia content. It can include a number of interactive and multimedia elements that upgrade reading and learning from boring swotting into fun and effective learning. We also added three more tools that make studying much easier.

In mBook, you can easily highlight selected passages, add notes and make abstracts from the text. Thus you do not have to make notes yourselves, you can just highlight them, click the abstract icon and the text will be saved in the pop-up window. And you can simply copy it from here into a text editor and your "cheat sheet" is ready.

What can the mBook be used for?


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It provides readers with experience which is hard to describe. Whether it is a scientific experiment, an inaccessible space, aerial photograph of objects or an interesting event.


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In case written text is not enough but the video is pointless, we can insert sound. And it can be a record of a lecture, a foreign language pronunciation or the sounds of animals.


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The photos can be zoomed in, zoomed out, linked to maps or parts of them can be marked in colour. You will only be limited by the device memory size.

Animated pictures and diagrams

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If you don't have a photo, you can simply create your own graphics. A little skill and cooperation with our programmers is more than enough to create an animated picture or diagram.

Interactive exercise

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You can forget about the workbooks that take up too much space and time. Now you can add interactive exercises to the mBook which also include a result check.

Layers of pictures

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Where there is one picture not enough, other layers of pictures are easily available. You can mark certain parts of any picture that are related to the explanation in colour.

How can you use the layers of the picture?

For example, via processing pictures in multiple layers. After the description is selected, the coloured sections appear.

Endoplazmatické retikulum
Golgiho komplex
Pinocytární váčky
Sekrotorická granula

As links to another part of the book

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You can forget about manic scrolling and constant losing the bookmarks. Thanks to the well thought-out structure of links you can get exactly where you need to. And with one click only.

Link here.


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If you need to check your own knowledge, a test inserted directly into the book will help you. You don't have to worry about crumpled papers or poorly printed copies anymore.

Mathematical, chemical formulas

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In order to display the mathematical and chemical formulas, we use special programs. Their display in mBooks thus corresponds with rules commonly used in textbooks.

Turn-over cards

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Learning languages is much easier when using turn-over cards. On one side of the card there is a picture, a word is on the other. And now your learning can get on much smoothly.


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Whether you are looking for a murderer in the dark pathways of London or you are learning about towns with a long history, our mBook allows you to see almost every corner from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual tour

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If you need to peek into places where normal person can hardly get to, a virtual tour can be a great solution. And at the same time you can sit on a park bench.

Where to read mBooks?

You can read it in readers for an iPad or tablet with Android and on some common web browsers. And as opposed to regular readers, ours does work offline. It is also provided with text-based tools (text highlighting, writing notes or even automatic quoting), it registers all your books and communicates with the server. So if any of your books is updated you are informed automatically.

You will be able to purchase mBooks right after you register and log in the Publi portal. You can also repeatedly delete and reload them, for example when you need to save some space on your device.

How does the Publi world works?

The Publi.cz portal is the heart of our entire system. All the necessary information you can ever need can be found here as well as access to the system and the registration page. But the most important parts are the user libraries available for free where you can read books free of charge in web browsers and also the ePubli central library which contains selected books of all our users.

Some of the books are password protected and can only be accessed via customer's contact persons. Other books can only be purchased and read via the ePubli reader. Those books are unavailable for Internet browsers. However, ePubli reader is free of charge and can be downloaded to all types of tablets with Windows, Android or iOS system.

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