About us

Who are we and what do we do?

We help people publish and distribute electronic books. We make lives easier not only for authors and readers but also for institutions that deal with eBooks publishing. Our Publi publishing system combines the possibilities of modern computer systems with the know-how of our programmers.

For authors

We will help the authors with the whole process of creating an electronic book that begins with its own creation and continues through programming and publishing to selling. We offer the same thing as electronic publishing. We create the book, allocate the ISBN, publish and sell. The author can earn up to 80% of the profit of the book sale.

For institutions

We offer complete services to publishing companies from creating their interactive books through connection to sales systems, automated publishing across all platforms and devices to marketing and sale of their publications.

We specialize in the preparation of interactive teaching and study materials. We have helped to create hundreds of electronic books for all levels of education system, from primary schools to universities, as well as eBooks for individual study.

Although we are already a well-established company with a number of clients we still maintain a personal and friendly approach which is so rare when dealing with large corporations.

For students

Our mBooks (multimedia books) represent a modern tool for effective study. At the request of authors or publishers, we are able to include video to the book as well as unlimited number of photographs, interactive exercises or illustrative pictures in levels.

Our mBooks can successfully replace the textbook, workbook or CD/DVD with multimedia files. The study process becomes more up-to-date, easier and much more comfortable.

Whether you are an author, publisher or an educational institution, we will help you to create your electronic book. Please contact us and ask for details!