Get electronic library for controlled distribution

Publi Pro is the platform for publishing and distributing of documents into mobile devices and computers

The Publi Pro enable to access documents for unambiguously defined group of recipients and get feedback about download or opening of document. Responsive documents in HTML format are interactive and good readable on all devices. They are protected against redistribution and misusage.

I want to use actively

The mBooks bring new approaches to the work with document. The interactivity attracts recipient, gives important feedback. Electronic documents/mBooks can include tests, questionnaires or surveys. Thanks to multimedia you can get new information quickly and effectively.

I want to publish modernly

Keep information under control. The documents for readers and internet browsers can be available for all or only for a narrow selected group of recipients in both on/off-line modes. With us you can publish one document on all platforms.


We cooperate with a range of institutions, companies and schools, start up and design their mLibraries. In them are accessible publications for download, online reading or for purchase.

Primary schools

Secondary and apprentice schools