For the distribution can be used two types of documents: interactive documents and PDFs.


It can offer all-purpose use of the system. It is responsive and the content of the document is correctly displayed on the large computer screen and the little display of a smartphone. In the document can be set properties (font, font size, background) and it allows to work with the content (underlining, notes writing, making excerpts, searching, etc.).

The enrichment of the text by the interactive parts is appreciated by the customer, which utilises effective, fast, exemplifying and last but not least interesting transfer of the information to the user. The attraction is increased by included animations, photo galleries, calculations, questionaries, tests, surveys, etc.

The document itself is ready for interaction between the user and the customer. It is the perfect platform for bidirectional communication. It can be effectively used in e-learning, marketing and in the communication with users. Useful can be checklist in service manual.

The encryption protection together with document copy forbidding protect the document against misusage.

The document is programmed on customer’s demand and assigment.


PDF – common and well known document format. Usually is created by customer’s administrator. It is protected against copying, it cannot be resend or redistribute from the reader. It is encrypted.


With the content can user work in the terrain without the internet connection. The document, downloaded into the software reader in the device offers whole content and all functions independently of the net connection.

A simple document update with the automatic user notification provides the common comfort in the world of modern mobile technologies.

The documents under control of administrator can be accessible without the limitation or temporarily accessible.

Freely accessible documents can be read in the readers and in the internet browsers without any registration.

The documents can be updated and information is displayed on-line in the readers.

For safety purposes are the documents in the readers encrypted.

Where to with them?

With the Publi you can share all publications across the company, large organization or government organization and between them alternatively. A document can be a book, periodical, standards (norms), technical documentation, manuals, templates, bulletins, laws, general orders, directives, commands and regulations, which you safely deliver to anybody you want. The persons in question can read them anywhere or from where you allow to read them.