PUBLI for institutions, organisations, companies

Platform structure

Server module

The basic control unit. It controls the platform and automated distribution of documents. It provides complex service of Publi system.

Reader module

The software reader of documents accesses electronic documents. It is equipped by the functions for document management and work with them. It protects documents against redistribution.

There are readers available for: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android (computers, tablets and mobile phones).

Electronic document module

For distribution are suitable two of formats today: HTML and PDF.

HTML – offers full utilization of the system. It is responsive and the content of the document is correctly displayed on the large computer screen and the little display of a smartphone. The document itself is ready for interaction between the user and the customer. It is the perfect platform for bidirectional communication. The document includes multimedia, animations, photo galleries, calculations, questionaries, tests, surveys, etc.

The document is programmed on customer’s demand and assigment.

PDF – common and well known document format. Usually is created by customer’s administrator. It is protected against copying, it cannot be resend or redistribute from the reader. It is encrypted.

Freely accessible documents can be read in the readers and in the internet browsers without any registration.

Statistics module

The Publi offers information about download and opening of documents in the readers and in the libraries on the Internet. The readers communicate with the server and give information about the access of registered and of unregistered users.

The information is displayed in well arranged tables and charts. The sets of information can be exported into common formats.

Tailored services

We consult additional demands and impulses with our customers to modificate the system. We use agile methods for programming of new modules to fulfill specific demands.

The creation of HTML documents complete authors demands. Their visions and needs programmers place into the source code and create sets of documents with individualized content. The authors appreciate interactivity, multimedia, archives and galleries for fast and effective creation of the content and providing of complex information to the users.

The Solution includes:

  • Implementation on the server
  • Mobile reader for iOS
  • Mobile reader for Android
  • Mobile reader for Windows
  • Mobile reader for macOS
  • Web library for the access without the reader