Responsive and interactive documents

I can work with the standard PDF format and moreover I create smarter e-books with multimedia content so called mBooks (audio/video, animations, interactive exercises, etc.). I can distribute other formats such as ePub, XLS, etc.

Knowledge tests and documents understanding

I contain flexible tools for creating and generating knowledge tests that can be used for preparing readers during self-study, understanding check and subsequent success evaluation.

Effective checklists

I can create checklists, control the distribution effectively, monitor and report repetitive tasks to a superior. Filling in the list of tasks can take place even offline in difficult conditions.

Own E-library

I offer you a secure space in my own electronic library, where documents for administrators and recipients are clearly displayed.

Document updates

Automatic data synchronisation is the foundation for me on all devices to avoid outdated and creating multiple versions of files.


Documents are available on all mobile devices, tablets and computers online and offline.

Access control

With me, you'll have control over who reads, shares or prints important information on a particular device.


I send a confirmation that the document has been read, enabling effective control over the fulfilment of process requirements.

Audit and reports

Thanks to analytics, I can provide you with a detailed overview of the work with documents on the recipient's side.


I can provide mBook content for other platforms such as Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom, which are often used for teamwork in education and companies.

Study tools

I offer practical tools for working with text, e.g., I can highlight text, write notes and use automatic citations.

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