Create and publish to the public library, where you can earn income from sales
I want to start writing
Write your own book
or travelogue with me.
Become an author and create your multimedia mBook with interactive elements in the editor.
In addition, you can immediately sell the mBook or PDF in the public library by paying a publication fee 1 000 CZK without VAT.
You determine the selling price of the book. Up to 70 % of sales is yours and moreover you will get an e-shop including all services.
I securely encrypt books against illegal distribution and only readers who actually buy them will be able to read them.
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And how does the process
from writing your own book
to its sales on Publi look like?


on and then complete account activation by clicking the link that we've sent to your e-mail


ask for an authorship after logging in into your account


using the intuitive editor (if you want to save your time, we will write a book for you > contact us at )


by sending a request at and we will publish it in the library after technical review


on and take advantage of all e-shop services

I can do so much more
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