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I'm a modern ebook upgraded to a higher level with interactive features. A smarter ebook that, in addition to working with common PDFs, also offers live multimedia content.

Turn boring reading into fun, moreover you can highlight selected passages and make extracts from the text by highlighting and one click.

How you can read me

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What makes me different
from a classic ebook
I offer possibility to insert any photos in .jpg or .png format with max. recommended width of 2400px. This adds an engagingly illustrated message to an ordinary text. You're not limited by the number of photos, the only limitation is the total of 1GB mBook size. In addition, you can zoom out/in photos and group them into named galleries, with the possibility to view a photo detail.
Where the written text or images are not enough and the video is too long, I recommend to insert only audio. I can handle .mp3 or .ogg. formats. I can offer readers a recording of a lecture or training, exercises using audio recording, pronunciation of a foreign language, or a demonstration of animal sounds.
I can express even what cannot be described in words. Enrich me with .mp4 (H.264 codec) and .webm video in the recommended resolution 720p HD, whether it's an aerial shot, a science experiment, or an interesting event. You can insert a YouTube link (works only online) or a preview in a small window that enlarges to full screen during playback. I will play the video directly in mBook and the reader does not have to leave the study by switching to the browser. In addition, I can group various videos into a gallery just like photos.
Are you a fan of animations? I like to provide the readers with such an unconventional content, just insert it using .gif or animated .svg format. If you are a more demanding user, I can also offer animation in JavaScript.
If you don't have a photo but only a poor quality scan, a drawing or a diagram drawn by hand, I will deal with this as well. I will ask my graphic designer who will redraw the poor quality source into the high-quality raster format .jpg or .png or vectors .svg or .pdf.
Sometimes, one image is not enough and a particular topic can be better clarified using the image layer, i.e. more images in several layers. Just click on the captions and coloured parts of individual layers of the image will be displayed one by one.
There are two sides to everything and so it is with my flip boxes suitable, for example, for teaching foreign languages. You can put a picture on the front side and a word on the back. Learning in a fun way goes better, I'm sure we can agree on that.
Have you already written something in your mBook and you don't want to repeat yourself? Forget the frantic search and just put a link to an existing chapter or section. This will allow the reader to move quickly through the book by one click.
Why use a textbook and a workbook separately when you can have 2in1? My favourite content is the interactive exercises by which students can test their knowledge and then check the correct solution in one place. The possibilities are endless, I can make any other variation at the author's request.
Currently, I can
  • insert an answer into the omitted space
  • drag and drop a word into the correct position
  • drag and drop a letter into the correct group
  • select the correct solution from the menu
  • use interactive elements which, for example, show hidden text and play sound when clicked
  • drag and drop elements to achieve the correct solution
  • highlight correct and wrong answers after check
  • make automatic calculation based on assignment
  • make exercises to check and calculate codes
  • add up and subtract
  • convert units
Even "mathematicians" who move among formulas like a fish in water will appreciate me. I use LaTeX to display mathematical and chemical formulas.
Whether you're looking for a killer from a detective story in the dark streets of London, or learning about places with a long history, you can see almost every corner thanks to me (this feature is available only online in mBook).
I allow you to take a look into places you can't get to due to the long distance or because of time and operational reasons. In such a case, the virtual tour is the only solution. Provide me with the materials and my developers will create the virtual tour using JavaScript.
Do you like to make tests to verify knowledge? Together with me, create a summary of questions with a link to the section in mBook where the tested topic is located. I will display a link to the text when the question is answered incorrectly. I offer several test templates to authors, all you have to do is to choose the most suitable one.
I can also insert a link to a specific downloadable file for the topic being described, in any format. It only depends on the author's need to offer more from other sources.
Feedback is an important tool for all of us to have up-to-date information and overview. Therefore I offer the possibility to send test results to an entered e-mail.
What can I do
  • interaction between the content author and the reader
  • update data as soon as I'm online
  • display content on a large computer screen as well as on a small smartphone
  • protect your data by encryption
  • share your content with another library if my boss allows it
  • thanks to the text tool I can highlight text, write notes, insert automatic citations
  • provide content for integration into the Microsoft Teams platform and communicate via Google Classroom or Cisco Webex
What content I like to offer
  • study material (language, medical, mathematical, sports, musical, psychological)
  • travelogues
  • CVs
  • technical documentation
  • standards, directives and rules
  • service manuals
  • laws and regulations
Who uses me most often
  • schools and companies for online teaching
  • companies for the controlled distribution of documents between employees and external entities
  • authors for the creation and sales of their books
  • demanding readers who are not satisfied with an ordinary ebook
How you create me
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