Publisher: Jihočeská univerzita v Českých Budějovicích, Fakulta rybářství a ochrany vod

Category: Others

Release date: 2021

Book size: 848,75 kB

ISBN: 978-80-7514-123-1

Last update: 26. 6. 2023

Book format: PDF

Alternative feed components to replace fishmeal and fish oil in carp feed

Koushik Roy, Jan Mráz

Compared to the 1990–2000s, the proportion of fishmeal in carp feeds has decreased in recent years (Searchinger et al., 2013; Waite et al., 2014; Tacon and Metian, 2015). It is presumed that common carp is much easier to be produced without the use of fishmeal or oil than predatory fish species, such as trout or salmon (Biermann and Geist, 2019).

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