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Publisher: Code Creator, s.r.o.

Category: Mathematics

Release date: 2019

Book size: 6,22 MB

ISBN: 978-80-88246-47-3

Last update: 24. 10. 2019

Book format: mBook

mBook - Multiplication

Code Creator, s.r.o.

The exercise book mBook · : 0 - 10 is intended for practicing a multiplication table in a defined number range. It always generates new math problems, evaluates the results and motivates the child to get medals. Parents can be informed about the results via e-mail. mBook contains randomly generated math problems, illustrative representation of number series, interactivity for training number series. These can be solved on time. Interactive exercise book is based on proven tools of school practice. Practicing is the best way how to master mathematics. You have an overview of whether children (pupils) practice and how they improve – even when you're not there with them!

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