School On/offline learning using the school electronic library
I want to teach on/offline
Company Controlled document distribution with the highest level of security
I want a company library
Publisher Complete support sales, protection, production and service
I want to try
Reader Comfortable reading of books in my multimedia library
I want to read a book
I will create
your own secured electronic library
for controlled books and documents distribution.
Thanks to me
you can get data on the use and reading
of not only multimedia books.
we will change the approach to modern on/offline work, education and entertainment.
will impress with quality content with unconventional interactive elements and practical study tools.
Benefits of Publi platform


Create a responsive multimedia material with interactive elements so called mBook enriched with animations, videos, links and much more.


Store your books or documents in your own cloud library and centrally manage their distribution or sales.


Don't worry about your data! The content is encrypted and secured against undesirable download and redistribution.


Track user activity on your books and documents, fulfilling process requirements, or create a knowledge test.

I can do so much more
Download the reader for FREE
for all devices and platforms
registered users
books in online libraries
collaborating customers
opening of books per year
How I was created


I'm working intensively on expansion into the corporate sphere and I also take care of my education customers.

October 2020

I renewed the accreditation of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports for the implementation of educational programs and technical processing of digital materials for on/offline teaching.

March 2020

I began to support distance learning and multiplied library visits in a short time.

August 2020

I exceeded 1,000 books in the system
and 10,000 registered users.

November 2019

I programmed the book and test editor.

September 2019

I created applications for computers.

June 2019

I received a medal on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of MUNI.

February 2019

5,000 registered users.

June 2017

The first 500 books.

April 2017

The Rector of MUNI thanked me for the long-term cooperation.

January 2017

1,000 registered users.

October 2016

I introduced a new book format and I look better now.

September 2016

I developed the application for smartphones.

May 2016

500 registered users.

October 2015

100 registered users.

June 2015

I published the application for iPad.

October 2014

The first 100 books. I founded the Publi central library.

August 2014

I got my first customer.

June 2014

I finished the first order and I contain 34 interactive books.