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Category: Languages

Release date: 2024

Book size: 32,02 MB

Last update: 13. 6. 2024

Book format: mBook

Egyptian Colloquial Arabic

František Ondráš

The textbook of Egyptian Colloquial Arabic is designed for anyone interested in learning this language—university students, language course attendees, and self-learners from the general public.

This textbook offers a systematic explanation of Egyptian colloquial grammar, followed by exercises with solutions provided in the key. It includes essential idiomatic expressions, sayings, and phrases that are crucial for everyday communication in Egyptian Arabic. Across 20 lessons, it covers basic situations and conversational topics that visitors to Egypt might encounter. Additionally, the book serves as a conversational guide for various interactions with Egypt and other Arab countries.

The final lesson focuses on Arabic script, enabling learners to navigate the Egyptian environment reliably and enjoy artistic works written in Egyptian colloquial Arabic. An Arabic-Czech dictionary at the end of the textbook provides an overview of the vocabulary covered.

An audio cassette featuring introductory texts recorded by native speakers accompanies the textbook, aiding learners in mastering correct Arabic pronunciation.
Patience is key to mastering Egyptian colloquial Arabic, as it involves steadily acquiring each linguistic aspect. We wish all users of our textbook many enjoyable moments and great satisfaction from their accomplishments.

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